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We created Custom Red Carpet Photography Backdrop Curtain for you to make your BIRTHDAY PARTIES even more special in tropical touch.

You will find this colorful background with flamingos and vivid flowers with including His | Her name and new age on it as your loved ones' unique day become more unforgettable.

We offer our photography backdrops in two different materials with thousands of styles to choose from depending on your priority.

VINYL( Lightweight):

Vinyl is shipped, rolled, and hung easily from a stand with clamps. You can easily wipe off the backdrop with a lightly damp cloth, but do not recommend applying too much pressure.

Vinyl material: (THIN)
- Lightweight
- Not waterproof
Can be wiped with low pressure, but cannot be washed 
- Can be ironed only from the back side of the backdrop in low temperature
- Can be used for only indoor photography
Polyester Material: (THICK)
- Thicker and more durable than vinyl
- Can be washed and ironed
- Will not be faded by multiple washing
- Creases can be easily removed
- Foldable, easy to carry
- Can be used for both indoor and outdoor photography
- Can be used and stored for a long time


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