Tips and Requirements for Customizing Your Moon Lamp Order



*** If you want to customize your moon lamp with your favourite picture we suggest minimum 15 cm diameter for having a best outcome in your moon lamp, bigger lamp size brings better outcome on your moon definitely.


*** We strongly suggest you to attach to your order horizontal photo WITH high quality and high resolution for the best outcome, especially with clearly visible faces :)

What are the other requirements for your Moon? 


1. Horizontal photo with clear face is the best .

2. Please make sure your picture is clear and photo more than 70% of portraits.

3. If you want 10CM size, please make sure the no more than 30 characters.

4. We will default to remove the background, if you want keep the background, please send message tell us.

5. We recommend 15CM or above if you want to print photo to the moon lamp.

6. If you want to print photo of 4 or above people(family photo), we recommend 20CM size.

7. Photo and text is printed on your moon lamp as photo on the front text on the back unless you left a note/email for your request:)

8.Please choose your favourite picture and attach to your order without hesitate, if the photo cannot be printed, we will contact you.:)


So, You don't need to worry about your image compatibility with the moon lamp that you will order. Our designer team will meticulously check out your images in terms of  compatibility of moon lamp, and in case your image needed a revision, we will be contacting you for requesting a new picture from you.:)