This Personalized Moon Lamp Is the Same as Sleeping Next To Someone You Love


There have been tons of research and studies regarding the perks of sharing your bed with someone. From enhancing a person’s psychiatric well-being to boosting your overall physical health, here are a few reasons why it is great to sleeping next to someone you love. And even if there isn’t someone next to you, Moon and Back’s personalized moon lamp back has got your back.

We customize your moon lamps with the picture of someone you love along with a favorite quote, phrase or a date. So that you can look at your loved ones if they are far from you before sleeping:

Improve Sleep Quality

We all want to have a good sleep quality but don’t get it all the time. Sleeping with someone, especially your partner leads you to sleep more peacefully. According to an experiment, women in stable relationship experience lesser disturbances and fall asleep much faster than single women.

Feel Happier

Hugs are therapeutic, right? They make you feel stress free. A person feels happier when he is physically close to someone and science backs this theory. Physical touch releases serotonin and melatonin that lifts up your mood and controls depression.

Dopamine in big amounts makes you feel pleasure and serotonin is known as the happy chemical because it leads to happiness and wellbeing.

Sleep Faster

There is connection between the time you take to fall sleep and your overall sleep health according to a study. 10 to 20 minutes is a normal amount of time for good sleep health, but if it takes a more than 30 minutes then your sleep health suffers poorly. Average time it takes someone to sleep is 7 minutes.

It is common for minds to wander when you are along and begin to over-think and make unrealistic scenarios in your head while struggling to get some sleep. All this mental activity interferes with sleep. When you sleep with someone you love or sleep while looking at the image of a loved one in the warm glow of Moon and Back’ s personalized moon lamp, you will feel secure, warm, and relaxed and drift off to sleep in no time.

Quality and Restorative Sleep

Have you ever thought why do you have such a peaceful sleep with your spouse or partner? The thing is, having someone you love close to you or in front of your eyes allows you to experience restorative sleep which is crucial for your brain health.

If you also want to enjoy the relaxation and comfort if you are in a distance relationship or away from your loved ones, having a personalized moon lamp on your night stand could do wonders for you in terms of your sleep quality and overall health as having sound sleep is essential to your overall health.

We have a vast variety of moon lamps and customized moon lamp variety too which you can get in different sizes and even in array of colors too. So, order now!

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