Take a Full Moon bath in the glow of Custom Moon

Women tend to be lunar beings. Everyone knows how ovulation and menstruation cycles revolve around the new and full moon. So, it is vital that you reset yourself around the full moon. And if there is no full moon, you could certainly bask in the effect of the custom moon from Moon and Back.

Humans possess both masculine and feminine energies and maintaining a balance of both energies in our beings is very important. Creating a full moon ritual and following it every full moon cleanses both our physical and energetic bodies. Want to get into self-care, and then you must get educated about the emotions that surface during the full moon. And you could create a moon-lit environment in your bedroom and bath if you want with Moonandback’s custom moon.

Here is how this full moon bath ritual goes:

  • Clean and scrub your bathtub squeaky clean. And smudge the space with sage. Make sure the smoke reaches every corner.


  • Set the mood with some flowers, scents, and create the perfect moonlight aura with a custom moon lamp that is the exact replica of the real moon. Play some soothing music to create the perfect ambiance.


  • While your bathtub is filling with hot water inquire yourself what is weighing you down nowadays and is a heavy energy to lug down. Full moon tends to bring anxiety or sadness in some while it energizes some. Just decide which energies you need to let out. The water would take it all away.


  • Add 24 drops of your favorite essential oil to a ¼ cup of Epsom/Himalayan salt. Aromatherapy is a great experience. You could use one or mix a few to find your ideal combination. But it is better to seek some help regarding as all combos don’t work and some of them mix too well with others.
     Here are a few suggestions:
  1. Rose feels feminine and sensual.
  2. Lavender is an immediate relaxant that purifies and keeps you calm. Lavender has tons of benefits. It triggers a sense of peace, calm, understanding as well as spiritual love.
  3. You can use Frankincense as well. It is known for helping with consecration, overcoming fear, protecting, and purification.


  • As you dip your toe in the bath – take a moment to take it all in. Savor the feel of water on your skin, the aroma in the air, and the magic of our custom moon lamp with its warm glow. Enjoy every second that passes by as you submerge in the water. It could be a 15 min bath or go for an hour or so.

So, set your calendar and schedule a full moon bath ritual for yourself. Heal yourself every month. Rituals don’t have to be loud and open. They can be quiet, calm, and secluded. Healing is for your well-being so, invest some time in it. And if you don’t have a moon lamp, order one right away and add that special touch to your bath ritual!


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