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Imagine basking in the glow of a moon lamp in a long winter night, or enjoying moonlit surroundings in a dark and moonless light with a real replica of moon handing in your balcony? Sounds ethereal, doesn’t it? 3D moon lamps are all the rage in the market right now.

Going through moon lamp reviews is a great help in getting the best moon lamp for your home or as a gift. No matter what is the occasion, you could get this lamp and use it to enhance the ambiance of your home, give it as a gift to a loved one and even personalize it with a note, an important date, or a memorable picture. They are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles and come with great lighting features. You could use the best moon lamps for décor in the living room, dining table, your/ your children’s bedroom, or as a lamp on your nightstand.

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Why Moon Lamp Reviews are important?

We all know that if we want to get something and put our money into anything, we ask around, talk to people about it, get their feedback and read reviews to know about a person’s personal reviews. So, we are going to give you a few valuable leads as to how you can select the best moon lamp.

Many companies are manufacturing moon lamps. But it is vital that you get the one that has the most positive reviews and an established online presence. At Moon and Back, we have an array of moon lamps to choose from so that you can make the decision of buying the best moon lamp.

Moon Lamps at Moon and Back

We have colored lamps for you which you can find in a variety of colors. We call it the rainbow moon lamp. It adds a lot of life and jubilance to the room with its variety of the colors of the spectrum. You could switch it between various colors.

Our moon lamps are great for kids too. Who wouldn’t love to have their own moon? Reviews also suggest that our lamps have made it easier to get the kids in their rooms. Bedtimes have become fun.

Our lamps are durable and happen to have pretty impressive battery life as well. Also, we provide the customers with an option to customize their moon lamps with personalized notes, dates, and pictures as well. We have received a tremendous response to these 3D lamps which have replicated exactly the way a moon looks in real life. Thanks to the pictures taken via NASA.

Customers love our moon lamps and they have become a popular gift item for a variety of occasions. You could also go through our moon lamp reviews and see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. Moon lamps are classy and would certainly add an enchanting look to wherever you might place them.

Take a look at our collection!

Reviews Moon Lamp



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  • Ms CaStill

    This company is full of shit! Website states normally ships within a week. Placed my order on 27May, it’s now 20june and no tracking, no word, nor response… NOTHING!

  • Destiney Stewart

    I placed an order on 01/28/2020. I had to constanly email and ask for updated status. I was told several times my order was in process but not yet fulfilled. Their website states it will be 3-5 days for processing and 7-10 business days shipping, On 02/13/2020 i recevied an status update that stated my order had been shipped, but no shipping information was available although I spent an extra $12.99 for trackable shipping!!!! that should be included. Turn around on 02/15/2020 I receive an email from “Yen” stating my order needed to be re-done!!!!!!!! I should here something back in 2-3 days. Well it 02/19/2020. Still no lamp, no refund, no discount, nothng but constant emails stating my order has beeen shipped with an order number that keeps saying no information available! THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM KEEP YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heather Newton

    I ordered 2 lamps on December 6,2019. I emailed on 12/24 about my order and they insured me that they were on their way. On 1/13/2020 I had gotten one in the mail….. Yes only ONE lamp. I emailed and informed them that I only got one. This guy emails back and tells me that oh his warehouse only shipped one and that it is shipping that day. Today is 1/24/2020 and I have yet to get it which I had emailed AGAIN about and they tell me in a couple days I will get my shipping information. Well its been 11 days already and their shipping policy says its 10-14 days for worldwide trackable shipping.
    I originally asked for a refund and got nothing but emails saying that my items were on their way. CRAPPY CHINA COMPANY!!!!!!

  • Theresa Hastings

    DO NOT PURCHASE! They will take your money and you will be left with nothing! SHIPPING FROM CHINA! It’s been well over a month and half and I still don’t have anything and I spent $88! Their website is a lie! DO NOT ORDER

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