Reach Out To the Magic of Moonlight

 Custom Photo Moon Lamp

A moon light night takes your breath away, doesn’t it? And we are sure that the moment you would see our stunning moon lamps, you are going to fall in love with them. They are made with a lot of love, care, to get that detail just right which mimics the real moon. Moon is 4.5 billion years old and happens to be our planet Earth’s closest neighbor. Even though the moon has been around for so long, it still captures our heart and mind.

If you are into nature and the moon draws you towards itself, you might have spent countless moon light nights on your terrace, garden, in the backyard or simply seeing your room bathing in its ethereal glow. It is mystical and magical at the same time.

Moonlight is stunning, to say the least. Sometimes, it’s creamy and warm and when it shines in its full glory, it lights up everything it shines upon. So, let’s learn a bit more about moonlight today and why moon light nights are so stunning. Where does moonlight come from? The moon has no way of creating light on its own. It gets its glow from the Sun. It absorbs the light from the biggest star of our solar system and then gives the stunning moon light nights to us in the form of radiant nights.


Custom Photo Moon Light

Did you know what the moon actually does in space apart from making us fall in love with its moon light night? The moon vacuums up a lot of debris scattered in the space which would otherwise hit the Earth. Dented with scars and craters here and there, the moon is actually our protector who takes up the debris saving the earth and guides the lost with its shining moonlight. You could find the same pattern of the real moon on our 3D moon lamps as well. Just the way they are naturally.

Numerous cultures around the world support the faith that the moon encompasses a magic within. The way it appears and the different phases are capable of bringing about change. It could be physical, spiritual, and even psychological. When the moon reaches its full size and glory, it shines the brightest. It is then, many believe, most of the transformation occurs.

Would our moon lamp bring a change in you or not, or transform you in any way, not sure about that. But, it would certainly transform your bedroom, living room or wherever you choose to place our moon lamps. It immediately changes the vibe of any room.

It is up to you how you would want to use this stunning, durable, high-quality moon lamp. You can even customize it according to your wish with a note, photograph or date. We have tried to capture the essence of the moon and have been successful in doing that as you can see from the reviews. Take a look at our variety. You could get any lamp that you want and customize it any way you want.

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