Plan a Romantic Date with Photo Engraved 3D Crystal Balls

Like many other aspects of our lives, moon also rules the romance in your relationships. Moon doesn’t only affect women’s hormones but impacts men too. Moon tends to influence our hormone levels and behavior and that is why more babies are born under the Full Moon.

Women have a close link with moon and its phases. Women menstruate during the New Moon and ovulate during the Full Moon in the ancient times. Take the example of Crustaceans who trek to the beaches all over the world to lay eggs under the glow of Full Moon. Though humans don’t lay eggs like animals but share the same sexual behavior and intuition under the Full Moon. We have more energy and feel more connected to our partner and feel driven to intimately connect with them due to the gravitational pull of the Moon on Earth. Both the men and women feel their estrogen and testosterone levels rising during this time leading to more romance.

But one shouldn’t have to wait for the full moon to do so. Love is something that can be celebrated anytime and any day of the year. Moon and Back, known as one of the top-most manufacturers of moon lamps created with 3D technology to look like the real moon and bring you something truly magical. Now, you can also get personalized engraved glass pictures as well as photo engraved 3D crystal balls which are unique and one-of-a-kind. No other is creating these at the moment and they make the perfect gift for that special someone. You could get a photo engraved 3D crystal ball for that special him/her and show that they are THE ONE.

You can choose a picture from a memorable day and create a magical photo engraved 3D crystal ball for your room or as a present to your partner. If you want to get intimate then you could light some of our moon lamps too.

Here are a few tips to capture the essence of the full moon to help with your date:

  • Plan something romantic with your partner. A date on the beach or a secluded spot. A full moon is mating call for most living beings so they can sexually express themselves.


  • Try to spend a lot of time in the nature before Full Moon. Avoid using too much technology and fluorescent lighting so that you can connect to the nature. Limit your artificial light sources and bask in the moonlight.


  • Walk barefoot on the grass or on the beach. Meditate or any other thing that you do to stay balanced. Your emotions could run high depending on your star sign too for example, Cancer, whose emotions run high to the point of being unbalanced.


  • Reserve a special spot in your home for your intimate date. Light up a few scented candles, spread some flowers around and light some moon lamps. Prepare a bath with few drops of Jasmine or Lavender essential oil. See that the bed has comfortable pillows and sheets. Connect with your partner in this romantic space and see that you cleanse all the energy in the room around Full Moon.

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