Photo Moon Lamp – The Best Gift Ever

 Custom Photo Moon Lamp


Moon and Back have garnered the reputation of making intricately detailed, beautiful, and customized moon lamps and photo moon lamps. No matter which moon you are planning to get, the moon table lamp, the moon pendant lamp that hangs from the ceiling, or you get a one that changes color depicting the rainbow. We assure you that you are going to be 100% satisfied with our products.

Our photo moon lamps are quite a hot selling item. Although we started off with our regular moon lamps, we gradually moved towards customized moon lamps. The most popular ones are the moon lamp with a photo where you could integrate a photograph with a date and text and create your own customized moon lamp. Our regular moon lamps look great as centerpieces even and would surely get the conversation started too.

And if you wish to add a pop of color in your home, the rainbow option is perfect for you. You could add a bit of color in your room or even the colors of the rainbow with our rainbow-colored moon lamp which displays the whole spectrum.

If you want to give a gift to someone or mark a special occasion be it engagement, anniversary, birthdays or anything else, a moon lamp is a perfect way to go. It is cool, different, and downright beautiful. It makes the other person feel truly special if you have taken out time to customize a moon lamp for someone and chosen a photo moon lamp for them.


Personalized Photo Moon Lamp



Here at Moon and Back, we specialize in high-quality and durable moon lamps that would enhance your room and home décor. Our photo moon lamps are great for memories. Do you want to capture some moments forever and make a beautiful gift for someone? Then get them a photo moon lamp. You can fully customize our 3D lamps. You could add a meaningful quote or phrase, a special date paired with a lovely photograph. Your very own personalized moon. You can get anything printed on it. How great is that?

Now a large number of companies print graphics on lamps. But not all lamps are made of high-end materials. Our lamps are durable and are made using high quality tried and tested materials. Other companies use a cheap plastic alternative to print graphics, images, and photos. But they are not long lasting. They can easily get ruined, scratched, worn out and in the worst case scenario, get removed completely.

At Moon and Back, our 3D printers produce the perfect images and print the perfect texts. This way your special moments and memories are etched on your personal moon for life. You can rest assured that whatever you print on our moon lamp would stay there. So, whether you want to get a regular moon lamp, a customized phone lamp, or a photo moon lamp, the decision lies with you.  You know what you want, take your time to decide and let us know. We are here to serve you to the best of our capabilities.

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