Spread the Magic of Moonlight in Your Home


In terms of distance, the moon happens to be the closest heavenly body to our planet. We get to see the moon three out of the four weeks of the month. The moon has been used as a shining guide, lighting our pathway in the dark for thousands of year. If you research, you would come across all kinds of legends and myths linked with the moon and its cycles.

The moon is best described as mystery and magic. At the same time, a variety of cultures and religions link the moon to our intuition abilities and our wisdom. Moonlight is relaxing both to the eyes and mind. In this fast-paced life, most of us forget to take a break for ourselves and relax. The best way to soothe your nerves, mind, and body is to create a calming and soothing environment.

Out of various other forms of relaxation such as meditation, getting yourself a massage, and many others are spending time in an environment with soft lighting. We also have soft lights while getting a massage, then there is the example of candlelight dinners too, right? Similar is the case with moonlight.  Lighting has the ability to make a place warm and inviting or unwelcoming and harsh. Lighting could change our mood right away. If you want to reserve a nook in your home that is calm and soothes you, get yourself a magic lunar lamp.

A magic lunar lamp from Moon and Back is certainly one of the best moon lamps available both in the United States and the United Kingdom. You could choose from an array of sizes, styles (stand or hanging). Along with that, you have the option to select warm and creaming moonlight or bright and luminescent white light of the magic lunar lamp. We have both of that. Also, you could have your own magic lunar lamp in a variety of colors too. We call it rainbow magic lunar lamp.

Moon lamps are magical. Depicting the actual mass of light, our magic lunar lamps are beautifully and intricately detailed that casts a magical and warm radiance in the room where it is hung or placed. Moonlight not only tends to be relaxing but has proven to have therapeutic properties as well. If it is a moonless night, you could turn on your own moon and spread the magic of moonlight in your home.

Custom Magic Lunar Lamp


So whenever you wish to unwind, our magic lunar lamp would be there to give you peace, a relaxing environment, and clear your mind from all the worries of the world. Grab a refreshing drink, turn on the air-conditioning and let the stillness and sparkle of magic lunar lamp surround you.

If you want to get hold of one of our moon lamps, take a look at our collection. We offer a variety of customized and personalized moon lamps. You could use is a centerpiece or a place it as a lamp. The choice is yours!


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