How To Print Your Very Own 3D Moonlamp?

How To Print Your Very Own 3D Moonlamp?


When it comes to printing your own 3D moonlamp, the one thing you have to note is how it acts a model of the actual moon.

In fact, consider it as more of an art, in this case 3D modelling. The main issue here being, how we alleviate light and direct it on the model so that we create some sort of uneven light and darkness pattern, a magnificent characteristic of the moon.


3D Moonlight Lamp Specifications

Size: A diameter of 10cm, 15 cm, and 20cm 

Material: We'll use a naturally biodegradable material known as PLA.

Light Style: A LED light design with a flickering effect.

Battery: A power capacity of 1500mAh lasts an entire day.

Charging port: A 2.0 5V USB DC port with a charging time of 3 hours.

Switch: A touch-style switch.

Technology: 3D one modelling printing.


Pros of 3D Moonlight lamp

Lighting: The 3D Moonlight lamp produces a mild yellow light that is easy on your eyes. Perfect when you just want to relax without feeling that the light is literally scorching your eyes. This means that you can also do some bedtime reading or even studying without worrying about that nasty tiresome aftermath headache.

Eco-friendly: Not only is the moonlight lamp made from eco-friendly PLA material but its light is also kind on your natural surroundings, having little to no negative effects because of its sparing effect.

Outdoor use: The moonlight lamp is rechargeable, meaning you can carry it around and use it on the go. The perfect camp light for a beautiful and serene night-time with friends or family. In addition to that, the moonlight can last through the night with no need to worry about being left in the dark.

Aesthetic value: The 3D moonlight lamp provides more than just light to the eyes. Have this beauty light up your night and you will be sure to notice the sort of unique feeling it gives you. A feeling of nature's peacefulness and sereneness.

Acts as a home decoration piece: The moon has always been considered as one of the earth's most iconic features. The moonlight lamp radiates this beauty and lets you have it in the comfort of your house.

A unique element of photography: The moon has always sparked up human beings’ curiosity that we even planned hard to come up with a way to get there. The moonlight lamp takes the moon and places it in the palm of your hand.

It might be the missing piece to the perfect background.


Custom personalized moon lamp 3d printing I love you to the moon and back


Moonlight Lamp's Design

The 3D printed moonlight lamp lets you have the moon in your hand. See, the moonlight lamp is made in a perfect 360 degree shape and even NASA has confirmed that when done right, the 3D printed version is very similar to the actual moon.

It is also important to note that printing the lamp would take around 28 hours.


Printing Procedure

What will you need?

A lampshade, LED lights, PCBA, batteries, charging cable and a stand.


1. Design

For you to vividly remake the lunar landscape, you have to pay very keen attention to color maps so that your little moon can resemble the actual solar body. For you to finally bring about the darkness feature of the moon, you have to increase the thickness of the lamp. As for the lighter parts then you will have to carefully lessen its thickness. This dark light pattern is so as to bring the realistic craters seen on the moon's surface.


 2. Coding

Just find the moon's grey scale then simply digitize it for you to get the printing codes. You then edit the codes and restructure them to end up with a 3D model. After running the codes, you should end up with a 3D model similar to the one below.




 3. Actual Printing

When it comes to using the printing machines, you will be surprised to learn that they do the printing in a somehow random manner but actually following the codes. Just have your machine set at a good level and begin printing. In about 28 hours you should end up with your nicely formed 3D Moonlight lampshade.


Please make sure that there are no mistakes because even the smallest of bugs will mess up the whole process. And the printing machine need to start from the beginning of the process.




 4. Finishing touches

It is now time to electrify your 3D object.

Have your printed lampshade and base, circuit board and charging line, stand, heated glue gun, a pair of scissors and some paste.




You then use your scissors to even out the rough edges of your printed body.

After which, you then take the circuit board and firmly fix it at the base of the print out. Make sure the circuit is well connected to the lithium battery and LED light.




After sticking the circuit to the base, you can attempt to see if the light is working by slightly touching on the base to turn it on.

Touch it again to turn the yellow light off. When it is off, you can simply long press to change its degree of brightness.




To make sure that the circuit won't fall off when charging, try and connect and disconnected the charging line several times. All this to ensure that the circuit is firmly fitted to the base.




As the finishing touch, you then stick the base to the lampshade. Be sure to do so carefully but firmly enough to have it hold in place. Also make sure that there is no dirt that gets into the lampshade as this may hinder how your lamp illuminates light.




Congratulations! You have finished making your very own 3D moonlight lamp. Go ahead now and give it to a friend, family or lover as the perfect gift.






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