Getting a Personalized Moon Lamp

Getting a Personalized Moon Lamp

 Personalized Photo Moon Lamp

We are well-known for our stunning moon lamps of durable material and amazing quality. Our moon lamps are great for bedroom, living room, dining table centerpiece, night light and even used in studies. The options are endless. They add to the gorgeous ambiance of any room as it gracefully wraps everything around it in a warm glow.

But did you know that you could add a personal touch to your moon lamp? We also deal with personalized moon lamps. Yes, you could get a customized version of your moon lamp complete with special writing, picture or date. Whatever you wish for. You could add a picture you would like to cherish forever that marks a special moment of your life along with a date and make your own personalized moon lamp.

A lot of people like to sleep with a nightlight especially children. It is comforting to have some source of soft lighting rather than having drenched in the dark. With our moon lamp, you get a natural feel of moonlight in your room. You can adjust its brightness as well as the kind of light you like to have the creamy glow or the chalky white.

Then, there is our rainbow-colored moon lamp that features a variety of colors and you can select your favorite one. How about seven colors seven days a week? The choice is yours. It makes a room vibrant and children find rainbows assuring. It will bring a smile to their phase.

A perfect 3D moon lamp

It is difficult to pick the perfect moon lamp (though we clearly know it’s ours). The market offers a variety of options now which makes it a hassle to make the final choice. Here are a few things you need to look for in a lamp before you decide to buy one:

Strong Texture

A very important aspect of the moon lamp is its texture. They should have a clear surface and texture so as to depict the natural moon. If they are not clear, they won’t be able to light properly and glow like a moon. The texture has to be perfect so that its shape remains like that of a moon.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Quality of the moon lamp is also of utmost importance. You should always check the material of the moon lamp whether it is a regular one or personalized one before the purchase. See that the material is certified eco-friendly material.

Safe built-in Battery

See that the lamp supports a built-in battery that is safe and certified. Also, rechargeable. Nowadays all moon lamps, regular and personalized moon lamps alike come with rechargeable battery again so that you are free from the hassle of taking out the battery again and again.

We at Moon and Back assure you that we don’t compromise on quality nor on customer satisfaction. We hope this helps you in knowing for sure that if you buy from us, we meet all the above criteria.

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