Benefit the energy of Full Moon of this Floating Moon Lamp

The full moon tends to be a time of positive opportunity. It makes you positive energy level rise up and at the same time, causes turmoil in your emotions as well. You should be in a calm mental state if you want to receive a positive effect of the full moon.

Everything is on the rise and whatever emotion you are feeling in your mind, spirit, and the body is going to increase double-fold during the full moon. You are angry, you will be furious. If you are happy, you will feel euphoric. The waves rise up and the ocean swells and the energy is so powerful that it becomes crucial to channel it positively.

Here are few tips from the Feng Shui Your Life on using the full moon energy two days before and after in the best way:

Think Positive

There are tons of benefits of thinking positively and particularly during the full moon. Full moon effects the waters on the Earth as well as humans, made of 50-70% water (depending on age). You would see it yourself that your positive thoughts are going to increase.

So, during a full moon night you could pen down a thank you note to the universe or the people around you. Boost yourself. Stand in front in of the mirror and say the things you find the best in you. Take a walk and appreciate the nature around it. You could say that the light of the full moon is the magic glitter that makes your positive thoughts grow substantially.

Avoid Arguing and Getting Angry

Another thing to note is that stay calm during full moon. Let things go, breathe deeply. Even if you feel like communicating with someone regarding something that made you upset, vent at least two days after the full moon. Make sure that you channel all your energies positively and in the right direction.

Visualize your Dreams

Envision your goals as full moon is the perfect time to visualize your dreams and goals. Think about your goals and how you are going to attain them and jot them down on paper. When you spend time focusing on your dreams during the full moon it gives you that extra kick!

Do Solo or Group Meditation

As the full moon exudes so much energy, it is the best time to meditate during this time as it creates a calm mindfulness and stillness. Create a secluded spot to carry out this activity in your home.  You could do it solo or do it in a group as well. Group meditation during a full moon is quite powerful.

Have your own floating moon lamp

At the end, it’s all about what you think and how you channel your thoughts. Even looking at the moon brings a tirade of thoughts and emotions swirling in your head. And even if it’s a moonless night, you can enjoy moonlight just like the full moon with this floating moon lamp. At Moon and Back, we have a variety of moon lamps that are made to mimic the real orb from its structure, markings and light.

Check out our floating moon lamp variety now!

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