Add This Photo Moon Lamp to Your Sleeping Ritual

Add This Photo Moon Lamp to Your Sleeping Ritual

A busy work schedule and household responsibilities don’t allow you to stay a minute more in the coziness of your warm bed than you absolutely have to.

So, the best thing to do is getting a sound sleep. Try to squeeze in as much rest and energy out of every hour you spend in your bed. The key to better the quality of life has a lot to do with maximizing your quality of sleep. There are a few very simple things you could incorporate in your daily life so that you wake up fully rested to start your day.

Read on to know more:


Create a Routine

The first and foremost step is to set a schedule. Create a bedtime routine and stick to it no matter it’s the weekends or the holidays. This way your inner clock and rhythm will be set.

Take a look at what you are eating Our bodies are not designed to both rest and digest at the same time. Have a light dinner if you plan to eat later on or have a hearty meal when the night starts.

There are some foods that lessen alertness such as honey which has orexin. When melatonin is released, you feel sleepy and some foods do just that such as, warm milk and turkey that contain tryptophan, melatonin’s forerunner.


Switch off Smartphones and other devices

Our phones and other gadgets emit a blue light that disrupt the sleeping patterns making your body think it is still daytime and keep you up. Make sure that you stop using them at least two hours before bedtime. It helps with clearing your head too. Your eyes and mind should be fully rested. You have to prepare your body that bedtime is drawing closer.

Create the aura and ambiance with Moon and Back Photo Moon Lamp

Set the mood for a comfortable and quiet sleep. The ideal sleeping environment is cool and dark with no sounds to disrupt your slumber. But many want to have some light nearby and cannot sleep in pitch dark. For that, you can use a photo moon lamp by Moon and back.

Now, originally they create exact replicas of moon so that you can have moonlit rooms while you sleep. But, they also customize your moon lamps with photos so you can look at the face of someone you love before sleeping.

Moon and back uses high-quality 3D printing for printing these images which don’t get worn out or scratch. We do not compromise on quality. So, getting a photo moon lamp would be the best thing to set the mood for a deep relaxed slumber as you can control its brightness as well.


Adopt a bedtime ritual

Our bodies need a signal to know that it is time to shut down and sleep. So, create a series of actions you perform every night which can act as your personal plug you can pull out. It could be skin care, a hot bath, a back rub, a foot or head massage. The rise and fall in body temperature leads to feeling drowsy.Try these tips and get the most out of your sleep!

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